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Aviation Window Services
7114 Rustic Trail, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301


If you have a phase inspection coming up, you need a repair quote, or you’re looking at a pre-purchase inspection: AWS can save you significant money on the repair of your aircraft windows.

  • Windshield
  • Cockpit
  • Direct View
  • Foul Weather
  • Lens Repairs
  • Prism Inspections
  • Pre Buy Evals

FAA Certified

  • Aviation Window Services proudly offers you the competence and credibility of an experienced FAA approved Repair Station. AWS carries an extensive liability insurance policy and participates in an FAA approved drug/alcohol testing program. The majority of our technicians possess 15+ years experience.

Window Repair

  • Repair and removal of scratches, pits, chips and crazing.
  • Windshield, Cockpit, DV, Foul Weather, & Cabin Windows repaired.
  • AWS can dispatch an FAA certificated team to fix your windows on the spot.
  • Our goal is to help you get the most value and longest life out of your windows.

Erosion Repair

  • Repair of wind erosion damage on Hawker 800XP and 1000 “C” Panels.

Damage Inspections

  • Inspections performed in accordance with your manufacturer’s criteria.

Pre Buy Evaluations

  • Find out how your windows will fare in a pre purchase inspection.
  • Prepare yourself with a competitive quote for repair of any existing damage.
  • All our inspections are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s criteria; we provide fair and relevant evaluations.
  • Have us go ahead and prepare the windows for a pre buy: Even without any considerable damage, in need of repair, a polish can be an affordable benefit. Crystal clear windows are an inexpensive way to make a good impression on the buyer.

Prism Inspections

  • AWS employees are among the most experienced prism (lariscope) inspectors in the world. All our technicians have been trained by instructors who have received the highest available industry training. AWS can perform prism inspections on any type of aircraft requiring this critical procedure.

Lens Repair

  • Repair of navigation light lenses: inner and outer surfaces.

Heat Plate & Defrost Plate Repairs

  • Even more so than window repair, this operation requires skilled technicians with specific training and experience.

Window Exchange Program

  • Fleet owners and air carriers often rotate their windows through our shop in order to maintain a ready inventory: contact us with your specific needs.

Mobile Technicians

  • The majority of Aviation Window Services Window Repair is performed at our customer’s location. Our FAA Certificated Window Repair Technicians, most of them possessing 15+ years experience, can typically be dispatched within 24 hours with minimal travel cost. AWS technicians regularly travel throughout US and Canada. It is far more cost effective for AWS to come to you, especially while your aircraft is already down for maintenance.

Work Performed at Our Facility

  • Send us your windows and we will repair and return to you with an appropriate FAA 8130-3 certificate.
Our Sole Business is Window Repair.
Our goal is to help you get the most value and longest life out of your aircraft windows. Please feel free to contact AWS for a repair quote today.