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Aviation Window Services
7114 Rustic Trail, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301

Damage types are categorized ~ Damage is measured ~ Damage is completely removed

Damage Examples

Repairable Scratches on a Lear 35A Windshield Inner Surface
Repairable Edge Chip on a King Air Cabin Window
Heavy Crazing on a Lear 35A Windshield Outer Surface

Inspection Tools        
Detection of Crazing Through Use of an Angled Light Source
Determining Damage Depth with the Optical Micrometer
Measuring Window Thickness with the Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Repairs in Action        
Initial Damage Removal
Edge Treatment
Final Polish
Our Sole Business is Window Repair.
Our goal is to help you get the most value and longest life out of your aircraft windows. Please feel free to contact AWS for a repair quote today.