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Aviation Window Services
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Aircraft manufacturer’s encourage and require interval window maintenance to extend window life and to preserve operational safety margins.
  • “Repair of Plexiglas surfaces showing the following defects: superficial scratches, cracks, crazing.  This job is to be performed with great care and successful results will depend on the skill of the maintenance man”. (MM Falcon 20: 56-00, page 801)
  • “The repairs are intended to maintain in good condition, and increase the life of, the cabin windows.” (SRM Hawker 600/700: 56-20-11, page 201)        
  • “This repair is intended to increase the window panel life by blending out edge damage due to surface shaling or erosion.” (SRM hawker 800:56-10-31, page 208)
  • “To avoid further deterioration which could lead to panel replacement, it is recommended that all scoring, crazing, etc. should be rectified in accordance with the SRM as soon as possible” (MM Hawker 800: 56-20-11, page 801)
  • “Leaving damage in the outer ply of the window may reduce the window’s ultimate service life. Therefore, it is recommended, but not required, that any damage to the window be repaired as soon as practical.”
     (MM Citation 560: 56-10-00, page 805)
  • “Defect acceptance criteria for cockpit windshields NOTE: If the pilot considers that his visibility is affected by a windshield with defects which do not exceed the tolerances, he can request the replacement of the windshield.” (MM Falcon 10: 56-00-01, page 305)
  • “Caution: Scoring and crazing of window plies may result in cracks that spread rapidly resulting in the need to replace the window or plies, repair damage as soon as possible.  (SRM Hawker 800: 56-20-11, page 206)
  • Craze Definition: movement and alignment of polymer fibrils perpendicular to an applied stress or strain” (Polycast Technical Corporation)
  •  “Clearly Identified Reasons for Crazing: accidents, abuse, mishandling, aircraft service environment, exposure to various cleaning agents, environmental factors still under investigation, poor material, poor repairing techniques” (Nordam Transparency Division)
  • “Minor scratches and chips on the outer surface of the panel are usually due to poor maintenance practices or impact”  (SRM Hawker 1000: 56-10-11, page 204)
  • “Do not use chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaners such as trichloroethane on or near windshield/window panels.  These cleaners and their vapors can cause crazing damage on acrylic panel surfaces. (SRM Challenger PSP 607: 56-15-01, page 3)
  • “Maintenance practice precautions- Care must be exercised to avoid scratches or gouges which may be caused by dirty or rough cleaning cloths or grit carried in the water.” (MM Lear 28/29: 56-00-00, page 201)
  • Approved Repairs- Eliminating Scratches on Side Panels: “This is very exacting work and much depends on the skill of the operator.”  (MM Falcon 10: 56-00-01, page 801)
Our Sole Business is Window Repair.
Our goal is to help you get the most value and longest life out of your aircraft windows. Please feel free to contact AWS for a repair quote today.