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:: Cleaning Tips
Beware Poor Cleaning Techniques:  While many types of damage happen to windows in flight, a great many expensive repairs are made to windows which have been subject to improper cleaning techniques using stiff brushes, soiled or abrasive cloths, and improper cleaning agents.

Safe Cleaners & Techniques:
Approved Cleaning Agents:

  • Acrylic Only.  Not for Coated Glass.
  • Ivory dish soap & water (2-5% concentration): Simple, effective, and safe.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol & Water in a 50/50 mixture: Separate or combined with 2-5% dish soap for a winning combination.
  • Naptha Type III: Mechanic stuff.  Do not leave on surface for prolonged period.
  • Permatex 403 D, Parko Anti Static Plastic Polish: Pre Mixed.
  • Zip Aero Cleaner: Handy to travel with as it’s in a can. 

“Do not use chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaners such as trichloroethane on or near windshield/window panels. These cleaners and their vapors can cause crazing damage on acrylic panel surfaces." (SRM Challenger PSP 607: 56-15-01, page 3)

Approved Cloths:

  • Cheesecloth, Very soft paper towels (Viva), Chamois, 100% Cotton Flannel.

“Maintenance practice precautions- Care must be exercised to avoid scratches or gouges which may be caused by dirty or rough cleaning cloths or grit carried in the water.” (MM Lear 28/29: 56-00-00, page 201)

Proper Cleaning Techniques:

  • Remove rings, watches, belt buckles, etc.
  • Never rub with a dry cloth.
  • #1 Flush with clean water to remove loosely adhering dirt and grit.
  • #2 Using approved cloths or a clean sponge, carry cleaners or water/soap solution to the window.  Do not rub.  Then, with bare hand, go over the surface to feel and remove abrasive grit, taking care not to scratch the acrylic.
  • #3 Rinse with clean water.
  • #4 Dry lightly with a dampened approved cloth, taking care not to rub the plastic after it is dry as this will produce static, which attracts dust. 

“CAUTION: Rubbing the plastic with a dry cloth will cause scratches and build up an electro-static charge which attracts dust particles.  All rubbing operations on acrylic plastics shall be done with as light a pressure as possible.” (MM Lear 35)

What is the AWS “Do Not Clean Windows” window placard all about?

  • Customer Courtesy: You will receive 2 placards upon completion of your repairs
  • The placard puts you in control of your cleaning process:  Appropriate placement of our placard will discourage well intentioned but untrained line personnel from inadvertently damaging your acrylic windows.  See Photos

“Minor scratches and chips on the outer surface of the panel are usually due to poor maintenance practices or impact”  (SRM Hawker 1000: 56-10-11, page 204)


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